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Current conditions in the alternative investment industry make it uneconomical for many funds to employ an in-house solution to their accounting, back office, investor relations, and compliance needs. Richmond Business Advisors is here to offer an efficient, customized, outsourced solution to our clients. Allow us to handle these functions for you so that you can focus on managing and growing your business. Our extensive industry experience uniquely qualifies us as the ideal partner for growing asset managers.

We offer customized accounting and consulting services for asset managers including:

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Preparation of monthly, quarterly, and annual fund financial statements.
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Preparation of daily trading PNLs.
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Perform daily reconciliations with prime brokers and rectify trade breaks.
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Interfacing with fund administrators, financial statement auditors, and tax professionals.
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Preparation of investor statements.
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Calculation of NAVs and fund valuations.
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Preparation of monthly trial balance for management companies and general partner entities.
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Processing payroll and paying invoices.
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